Back in December 2020, South Dublin County Council invited residents and road users to offer feedback on the hugely ambitious Cycle South Dublin plan.

The results were presented to county councillors today. The people's verdict on Cycle South Dublin? A resounding endorsement, with loads of constructive suggestions on where there was scope to do even more.

What's new for the 2021 version of the plan?

In response to public feedback, and thanks to a huge funding boost for active travel from the NTA, the council has made three significant changes.

  • New projects: sixteen new construction projects planned, at a cost of €40 million
  • New timelines: deadlines moved forward into three new categories (completion by 2023, by 2026, and by 2029) meaning that 75% of the plan will be complete within five years.
  • New mission and goal: commitment to "provide people of all ages and abilities with a well-connected, well designed, and safe cycle network that offers people a credible alternative to using the car" and which will "connect our schools, villages and centres, areas of work and our amenities and parks."

The new text broadens the scope of CySD: rather than linking commuters to transport hubs, it now aims to connect community focal points to each other in every part of the county. Other additions include extra plans for bike stands in public places (from village/district centres to schools and playgrounds) and a commitment to additional opportunities for public consultation.

What's new for Rathfarnham-Templeogue?

Almost 1 in 3 submissions to the open consultation came from my constituency of Rathfarnham-Templeogue (which also covers Walkinstown, Ballymount, Greenhills, Perrystown and Ballycullen.) Given its population, level of engagement, and location along commuter routes it's not surprising that Rathfarnham-Templeogue has seen the most dramatic increase in planned infrastructure based on the results of the consultation.

The map below is very busy and not the easiest to make out, but I'll try to explain what's going on! (If the black dashed line on the right is worrying you, that's just the county border.)

Cycle South Dublin - planned infrastructure for the east of the county. Green: existing cycleways. Light blue: planned under BusConnects. Red: planned in first draft of Cycle South Dublin. Dark blue: planned in second draft of Cycle South Dublin

First, look for the dots. These are schools (primary in green, secondary in blue).
Now look for our existing cycle network, which is traced out in fine green lines.
Cycle infrastructure planned under BusConnects appears along major transport routes in light blue.
New infrastructure planned in the first draft of CySD is mapped out in red with an associated project number.
Finally, there are new projects that have been included based on the consultation, which are drawn in dark blue. They are everywhere!

The report circulated to councillors notes that routes such as 33, 34, 35 may form part of a wider piece of work around improving permeability (i.e. creating direct routes that suit people rather than motor vehicles) and that support from local communities for this type of project can't be taken for granted.

Exciting times ahead!